Echoes and Signals Discography

Farewell Centauri / Veins (2016)

Farewell Centauri/Veins is the first single from upcoming 2nd long play album by Echoes and Signals.
These songs are dedicated to roads and ways we walk. Endless numbers of lines which are connecting and disconnecting dots on a map, people and their lives.

V (Five) (2014)

V is the third album by Echoes and Signals (and the first Long Play). This album is dedicated to the five stages of acceptance: denial, anger, guilt, depression and realization.
We really hope that these songs will help you to get through your darkest moments the same way as they helped us.

Ouroboros, EP (2013)

"Ouroboros" is a conceptual album mixing elements from post-rock, progressive rock & math music; the main idea is the cycling & circulation in everything, starting from biological processes in our bodies such as homeostasis and cycles in our lives (when we return to the same starting point) ending with the cycles in the universe.

Comma, EP (2012)

4-song conceptual EP album called "Comma", recorded in July, 2012. Echoes and Signals debut work. The idea of "Comma" is a transition. The moment, when you decide should you put "comma" or "dot" in different situations.